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Writing Services 

Personalized Content

Whether you are looking for print or electronic content for your customers it needs to be concise, informative, detailed and engaging. 

Additional services include:

— Articles (magazine and website)

— Newsletters

— Social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Whether it is informational or promotional, creating effective copy that details the product or service in a succinct manner that shows its value and utiltity to its audience is what increases content value. 



Creating a blog and posting on it or making more frequent posts on an existing blog has many potential benefits. Blogs help companies:

  • Engage their existing and untapped audience through informative content and comments.
  • Inform readers of new products or services or updates and improvements to existing products or services

Blog posts enable your company to educate readers on your company’s products or services and lets them engage with you through comments on your blog and through social media. Showing your readers how your company’s products or services can fill a need to their company make more money or become more efficient through down to earth language is the true power of a blog.                                                                                                 

E-mail Marketing 

Highlighting products or services through e-mail is a powerful marketing medium. E-mail marketing lets your business leverage the synergistic combination of images, descriptive text and the convenience of sitting right in your contact’s e-mail box. Your business can highlight new products or services to the individuals who are already interested in your company. This medium lets you link directly to information on your website, helping you sell your products effectively and efficiently.


Rates depend on the type of project, quantity of content and research needed. E-mail or call (630) 796-9742 today to learn how Clairvoyant Internet Marketing LLC can help with your customized content needs !

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